About Amanda Carney

Life Before the Military

I grew up in a small town named Palmyra, a town just
aside of Hershey, PA. I lived in a small neighborhood with
my parents and sister. Cheerleading was life during After graduating high school, I attended
West Virginia University for 3 1/2 years, studying Fashion Merchandising.
WVU was a blast, I was a competitive cheerleader, I had a great group
of friends, and campus was beautiful. At the beginning of my 4th year
I lost motivation to continue my education. I was going through a slight
depression and became confused on my goals for the future. A couple of weeks
before my seventh semester ended, I made a decision to drop out of school
and join the military. I wanted to become independent sooner and do
something honorable.

During the Military

In December of 2013, I left for the United States Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Illinois.
I went in with an un-assigned job because I was told I would be able to make a decision and could experience
all jobs when assigned to a command (wrong information). I arrived to my command, onboard Carrier USS Theodore
Roosevelt, feeling new and ready to work. I was assigned the dirty work, such as painting, sanding, lifting ship lines,
and cleaning (everything). All though, the ship life was not for me, I did meet my husband onboard. After getting the exciting
and life changing news of expecting our first child, I was transferred to shore duty at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.
There I had the pleasure of being and administrative assistant and working in an office of civilians. If I was able to keep
an office job and not go on deployment I would have re-enlisted for another 4 or 5 years. Being away from my children is one of the
reasons I chose not to re-enlist. I served 4 years in the USN and by the end of my enlistment, I was ready to get a Bachelor's Degree, done
and over with.

Presently in Florida

On August 1st my little family of 4 moved into our new apartment in Sarasota, Florida, away from all friends and family. It is bitter
sweet to be away from family, help, and extra support, but my husband is starting his new career path in commercial diving and I am finishing my
Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management. I am currently a sales lead at Gymboree, a company clothing store that filed for bankruptcy and is going out of business. I have plans to stay in retail, while finishing my degree and my husband plans to travel for more
growth opportunity in his profession. My children are little terrors, but they keep me young and motivated.
There is no better feeling than being a mother. I am excited to add two more children and a puppy to our
family in the near future. I alsolook forward to reaching a goal of purchasing our first home with a in late 2020.